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a very rich content: this 1814gb-digital library includes 90,000 kinds of chinese classics, which are over 120 columns, 1622 pages, 8,610,000 chinese characters in total.

reasonable design: the library consists of two parts in general: the catalog system and the document literature. the catalog is made of txt files which helped to simplify the process of document searching. the document database was constructed by pdf files to retain the original view of the books and to make sure of the accuracy of each character.

effective search function: the catalog system includes each book’s information such as the name, the class, the author’s introduction and the different versions. the user could know as much as they need about the book through searching for the dynasties, the classification in sikuquanshu, or author’s information of it. multi-information searching and vague-searching is also available.

a friendly environment: the library has a refined background management, a large character database that insures the smooth convert between traditional style chinese character and modern style. the system is also adaptable to major foreign language environment. two different versions: on-line and off-line to choose for your favor and convenience.

a wonderful using experience: once you purchased this product, you could look up to the documents you need anywhere, anytime. you will be fascinated by the paper like view and a real-book like reading experience. taking a note somewhere around the paragraphs and reserving it had been made possible. make your own little library by just selecting the books and marking them. ever fantasized having a study of a thousand books? the chinese classics digital library makes your dream come true.

a diligent team, a bright future: the product until now is still under development and exploration. our first library is built as you can see, and the second one is just ready to come. the official publishing procedure of the second library is finished, 10.000 more masterpieces will soon be added to our digital library. we are hoping that in a near future you will come across with our product even better and more convenient.


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